About Dr Stephen Carver

Stephen Carver

Stephen Carver is a literary historian, editor and occasional novelist. For sixteen years he taught literature and creative writing at the University of East Anglia, spending three years in Japan as a Professor of English at the University of Fukui. He left UEA in 2012 to become Head of Online Courses at the Unthank School of Writing, and to work with The Literary Consultancy in London. He retired from teaching two years ago to write full-time, although he continues to be affiliated with TLC. He has published numerous academic articles on literature, history and film, and his short stories have appeared in Not-NotCascandoBirdsuit, and Veto. His first novel, Shark Alley, was published in 2016. The 19th Century Underworld was published by Pen & Sword in 2018 and he has just launched The Author Who Outsold Dickens, a new biography of W.H. Ainsworth (also from Pen & Sword). He is currently writing The Opium Eaters: High Literature & the Art of Addiction for Morton Books. Steve is married with three cats and a kid; he likes old motorcycles, wild rockabilly and anything to do with horror.

2 thoughts on “About Dr Stephen Carver”

  1. Hi – I am the author of the novel Death and Mr Pickwick, which tells the story behind the creation of The Pickwick Papers. I was very interested by your article “Life in London, from Egan to Dickens.” In Death and Mr Pickwick, Egan appears as a character, preparing the way for the emergence of Pickwick. One day, if I ever do a revised edition of the novel, I would alter this section, as it has been pointed out to me that Robert Cruikshank played a far more significant role than I say. And your article gives another point, relating to this: I have never heard about this Indian relative of Cruikshank’s. Could you tell me some more about this, please? The other thing is that the facebook page of Death and Mr Pickwick is very active indeed, and I do hope you will take a look at it: http://www.facebook.com/deathandmrpickwick. I posted your article yesterday, and you will see a very interesting comment by Alex Joanides. Alex is an expert on bareknuckle boxing and he has actually revived the Daffy Club. We have held several meetings so far, in different London pubs. Here is a post about the first meeting of the revived club: https://www.facebook.com/deathandmrpickwick/posts/951961308271055 The next meeting will be in the Tom Cribb pub in London, on Saturday 31st March, at 6.30. I am sure that Alex and the others will be delighted to welcome you, if you wish to attend. Although I have attended the previous meetings, work on my next book means that I probably won’t be able to attend meetings this year, but I shall send a little message of support , to be read out. I would very much like to establish contact with you anyway – I can be contacted via the Death and Mr Pickwick website: http://www.deathandmrpickwick.com All the best Stephen Jarvis

  2. Dr. Carver,
    I was very happy to come across your 2013 essay on Pierce Egan (and of course Charles, the gloomy sentimentalist). I thought it first rate, especially in undermining Thackery’s unfair attacks on such a sincere and good fellow who just wanted to have fun. I give a party every year, for 45 years, featuring the “lethal cocktail” we Americans invented in honor of Tom and Jerry, as they first were. I will include your essay in the materials available on the web page, hoping to enlighten the uncouth masses who come only for the free libation and food, entirely in the spirit of the Corinthian and his rascally friends.

    Brian Gratton
    Tempe, Arizona

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